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Chazlo understands that modern technology isn't just for big business anymore. We offer solutions that will get you online at top speeds utilizing Cablespeed broadband Internet service. You no longer have to tie up your phone line, or worse yet, pay for a second phone line to surf the net. Get service and rate plan information here.

Do you have more than one computer in your house? No problem, Chazlo Technologies can set up a home network for you so that all your computers can be online all the time, at the same time. A home network will also allow you to share files and printers between your computers.  Don't call the cable company to order Cablespeed, contact Chazlo and save on installation and activation!  More information available here.

Computer acting funny?  It happens to everyone, Spyware, Adware, and viruses.  Can't get rid of all those pop-up windows?  Call on Chazlo to clean up your system and start enjoying your computer again.

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SAVE BIG!!  - Sign up for Cablespeed service through Chazlo Technologies and only pay $19.95 per month for the first 3 months and pay only $19.95 for installation.  This is a savings of over $69.95 compared to signing up with Millennium Digital Media directly*!
MDM charges $49.95 for installation and $39.95 for activation.